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Icons made by Leetje
Hi there, welcome to shadesoforanje, the icon journal of leetje!

I used to have all of my icons archived on my domain(More Than Words), but it became too much of a hassle to keep it updated and so I figured creating my own icon community was the way forward.

I've been into iconmaking since 2004 and I'm not ashamed of my earlier, not so pretty creations - everyone has to start out at some level - therefore you'll find them all archived on this community :)

Over the years I've been into many fandoms and occassionally I've done a request thread on my journal, so you'll find a wide variety of icon subjects here :) Simply browse through the tags to see if I've made anything to your liking.


Please credit me as leetje or shadesoforanje in your userpic comments or keywords. It would also be lovely if you left me a comment if you are taking any of my icons :) But please, do not hotlink to my icons.

My resources post can be found here, if you see me using anything of yours and I did not credit you for it, please let me know and I'll credit you straight away!


Stylesheet by refuted

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